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Here and Above by hesitation Here and Above by hesitation
See what's not there to anyone else.

January 5, 2004
Milan, Italy
very sunny day
Shutter 1/200
ISO 400

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Cherry3 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Hi, I featured this here: [link] :)
Coffee-chan Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2008
M0RFEAS Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2007
fantastic light!
murderkai Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2006
my sweet milan!!! *_*

nice pic
infradel Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2006
a cold day in hell? :salute:
Traceability Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2006
I'm going to Milan in July and i cant wait to take some shots of the city. Great photograph, the colouring works very well.
LarsMaresca Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2006
Wow, piazza del duomo!
I love the way you have shot one of my favs place here in Milano.
It's an inusual view of the square that really fits in the best way possible the real mood of the main square of our city, that "people goin' up and down" we have everyday and everynight there. :+fav:
Wingless-Seraph Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2006
Great picture. The faded effect on the buildings and the dark people make this amazing contrast. The blue tones add to a depressing-morining mood.
NaomiVanDoren Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
the washed out look in the upper left looks good with the dark figures along the bottom. but what can i say that "Comments: 182" havn't already said....
KORGY Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2006
great picture :)
Artemisia81 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2005
I like so much the light and the colors...great atmosphere!:clap:
Faulk7 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
Wow..this is awesome. I like the high exposure and the cyanotype look.
ns-ahmed Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2005
i hate to repeat-but this is fantastic. reminds me of the sunshine on a cold day...feels just so're cold but you're also warm...

and, as many have said above.....the way the people stand out against the light blue atmosphere is just so great....almost surreal..people appearing out of the mists...out of...nowhere.

you rock!

lllariaPiX Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2005
lovely milan... I recognized it in the thumbnail, I loved this buildings... lovely contrast work (people/buildings) looks almost like a dream :clap:
zebr Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2005   General Artist
very effective shot! I mean the black people on the streets look heavier than the light blue buildings... that's what's effective! ;)
triedmind Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2005   Writer
This is breathtaking...I love how all of this goes together, it's perfect.
Khiria Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2005  Student Photographer
Thatīs good, I like this, perfect and clear work.
Welcome to the my word, follow me please.
still Watching me :gallery: :lmao:
thornsandhorror Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2005
i close my mind and i am there.
a very sensual photograph.
ErzebethBathory Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2005
this is when overexposure kind of thing looks better than a not so bright photo...
I like the colour very much...
loonymoony Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2005
wow. really beautiful photograph. i mean, i knew that the buildings in italy evaporated occasionally, but i didn't know it was this pleasing to the eye.
Dyer-Consequences Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2005
I really don't like this blown out sky look.
pesche Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2005   Interface Designer
great shot!
psychofishy Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2004
That's incredible! I really love how you've captured the city looking so airy and dreamy. I love how the people look so dark and stand out against the bright background. And it's really interesting how everyone is sort of evenly spaced out, not grouped together; it makes the image feel sort of lonely, which is hard to do in a picture that contains so many people.

The cyan hue is perfect for this cold sort of atmosphere. There seems to be a lot of emotion here, which I don't see often in a city image like this. It's also really pleasing and pretty to look at; I love how the building fades into the white sky and how everything in the image contrasts so well. The entrance to the subway in the lower left corner is a little big and dark and throws off the composition a little, but I don't think that takes much, if anything, away from the image. This is awesome.
blackxroseximmortal Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2004
the colors are amazing. it looks like a very bleak winter day
knight-watch Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2004
The tones in this make me feel more like it was a foggy day, and I'm left cold...
Even knowing it was a sunny day.
Excellent shot. The colors are amazing.
TriggerArtist Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2004
No fair I WANNA GO TO MILAN!!!!! WHO WANTS TO TAKE MEEEEE?!?!?!??! :sighs:
xsetor Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2004
jonjacobsen Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2004  Professional Photographer
Amazing colors

Keep your good work!

IdaMiaJotta Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2004
wow, this is amazing!
I don't know what to say...:worship:
Crazy hot weird good. It pleases my eyes. :+fav:
kajyr Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2004
ohh i'm from milan!! 2004? so it's a pity you don't have seen the front of the 'duomo' ...
hope you came back :)
300zxtc Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2004
wow that is amazing:!:
jameela007 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2004
i knew i recognised that picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kimi-lady Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2004  Professional Photographer
cant remember if i've already commented on this...but anyway, i really like it! :)
Betelgeux Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2004
it's quite beautiful... I'd wager many a person wishes they had just a modicum of your vision...
mental-sex Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2004
the colours are amazing.
it seems like a dream.

and i love it.
good job.
kriu Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2004
WOW!! I live near Milan!! This is a present you make me :-)

I haven't seen Milan under this seems another city...but I know very well this square :-)
chazilla25 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2004   Photographer
Wow, such a beautiful photo. :thumbsup: I love it. :+fav:!
Woffester Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2004   Photographer
It almost seems as if this photograph was taken by accident...It is of a normal city scene, incredible buildings, yes...However the subject(s) aren't doing anything spectacular...The color looks as if (estimation here) the white balance was off...And the exposure was of course off and it became blown out. While this may or may not be the case - it goes to show you that even the simplest of things can make or break a photograph.
MikePecci Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2004  Professional General Artist
Your work!!!!!
Kaynne Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2004
Just beautyfull, the blue light and the blackground is amazing
justblue Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2004   Writer
Can't get over those beautiful verticals- I'll have to try a veiwcamera someday. Wonderfully pristine ambiance.
plastikwaren Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2004
A clever piece. I haven't looked at your stuff in a tremendously long time. It's a pleasure to see how your tastes have changed over that time.
Michelliechelle Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2004  Professional Photographer
amazing color!!! love this sooo MUCH!
chymera Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2004
..but... bu.. wha... cripes... :slams head on desk: ... im flabbergasted on how you captured the blue... i dont think it detracts at all... adds SO much to the depth.. the other colors, especially that of hte people are so much more prominant, it really gives an incredible feeling of depth.. im just really impressed by the clarity of the shot considering the amount of light that had to be there.. gorgeous shot, you really get an appreciation of a place that deserves it.
Aurelio-holland Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2004   Photographer
beautifull shot. Altough its a sunny day it obvliously to see its a winter day to.
And this blue color is magnificant.

infernal-photo Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2004   Photographer
great pic
a-landi Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2004
Milan is a really nice city!
I dig the tones in this.
The contrast is great - I really enjoyed this picture :nod:
ephemere Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2004
Gorgeous i like the surreal style of it ! The look like characters in a theater, the blueish tones are great!

Tatalia Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2004
Beautiful! It have so beautiful blue color! :heart:
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